Janitorial Trolleys

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VersaCare Systems - Servo-X NX-1001
Big in use, small in storage, the Servo-X trolley range will always find favour in the many locations where space is at an absolute premium.
VersaClean Systems - VCN1604 Versacare Maxi
VCN1604 Versacare Maxi
VersaClean Systems - VCN1804 Versacare All-Terrain
VCN1804 Versacare All-Terrain
Xtra Systems - Carousel NC1
Truly the Cleaners’ Friend...
Xtra Systems - Swingtop STC1
The Swingtop Carousel is, without doubt, not only an outstanding mobile cleaning module but also a very clever design providing a number of cleaning facilities in one exceptionally compact and easy to handle, user friendly, package.
Xtra Systems - Xtra Compact XC1
Xtra Compact XC1